Envisions' first national training was a real success
Envisions' first national training was a real success
Дата на публикуване: 06.09.2010
During the past three days (03.09 – 05.09), the town of Bozhurishte and school “Letec Hristo Toprakchiev” were the hosts of an education forum, which gathered innovator primary school teachers from all of Bulgaria. The occasion was their joining to the promotional involvement of 30 more teachers in the use of Envision. The event was thriving in enthusiasm and the professionalism of the participants and the organisers guarantees the building of a solid foundation for the work in the upcoming school year.

The training aimed at presenting Envision to its new users and their familiarising with the main functionality of the system. The lectures and the practical exercises reviewed the software itself, as well as the ways to use it. The teachers were shown how to use Envision for the development of interactive electronic lessons and how to conduct their lessons with them consequently.

The participants had the opportunity to get valuable advice about the methodology and the best practices about the work with the system and they learned about a few practical projects developed, developed with Envision, which brought their creators wide recognition, including on an international level. Desislava Milenkova, Rumyana Neminska and Antoineta Milanova were the ones who shared their experience.
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