About Nimero

Company focused on educational problems

NIMERO Ltd is an innovation-driven company focused on developing educational software. Our mission is to bring enthusiastic smiles to the students' faces while studying, and smiles of content/fulfillment to the faces of their teachers. Our mission got support and recognition throughout the years. In 2012 we were awarded the prestigious price "Start-up of the year 2011 Bulgaria" by the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies.

Our team consists of ambitious and talented professionals, who think of technology as a powerful tool to solve problems in the education of young children (e.g. problems with attention, clarity, no active movement). Currently we focus our efforts on two innovative educational software tools: Envision – classroom software teaching system ensuring active students' participation, and Jumpido – Kinect-based series of games for Primary School Mathematics and active body exercise. We are eager to share the possibilities of Jumpido and Envision and to introduce our solutions to more and more children around the globe.

Awards and recognitions